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I am Mistress Lu. I am an experienced Dominatrix, specializing in extracting the pleasure and pain from every-day situations and exotic daydreams. BBW Goddess looking for the right supplicant. Grovel at My feet, debase yourself before Me, let Me tear away all your petty inhibitions. I’m an elegant Sadist who’s happy to use you for My Own Pleasure.

Foot Worship

Slide your eager tongue between My toes, adore My high dancer’s arch, and beg for Me to crush you beneath My ruthless heels.

Denial Training

Crave to be lead to the edge: teased and tormented but denied any release? I will create in you an aching like you have never known.


I am very selective of the pay pigs I will bother with. You must be willing to give till it hurts. What brings Me joy is hearing My piggies squeal.

Couples Training

The intricate world of BDSM may seem overwhelming. I can guide you through this dark and sexy world safely. Take your existing roleplay up to the next level!

Mistress had me select a pair of shoes for her before meeting her… I knew I had chosen well when I heard the *click* *click* *click* of the heels as she walked back towards me and her beautiful toes, strapped down into the shoes entered my field of view … As her heels dug into my body, I knew my place. I knew that I was beneath her and had to do anything I could to keep worshiping this amazing goddess … I so treasure the marks she left on me.

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LEGAL play only. NO escort services. Reference & deposit required.
Hard Limits (NOs): Mistress remains fully clothed during ALL session and is not touched without permission. Mistress does not engage in penetration, drug use, sessions involving minors or animal abuse. Mistress retains the right to terminate ANY session at ANY time for ANY reason.

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